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Mix It Up: Furniture Made from Juxtaposing Materials

I love combining unlikely elements to create a cohesive look in a room or an entire home. One trend that makes a big statement is the use of furniture made from juxtaposing materials, or the combination of different materials in an unexpected way, such as a rustic dining room table paired with modern Lucite chairs. […]

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Artfully Appealing Furniture

In today’s design world, furniture, and in particular modern furniture is really pulling double duty. There’s amazing options that aren’t just functional, but also serve as a piece of art. What’s great about these modern designs is that they’re so different from mass-produced furniture. If you’re a homeowner who wants to add something different, or […]

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Timeless and Tasteful Tufting

Tufting is utterly timeless. It’s one of those design concepts that never seems to go out of style—in fact, it’s something that’s been around for centuries. How many other home design trends can we say the same for? It may be tweaked or modernized, but it’s something that always maintains a presence. I like tufting […]

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Be Bold: Fearlessly Incorporating Color

Hands-down one of the biggest trends in home design right now is the use of color. In fact, I won’t even call it a trend—using color, even very bold and vibrant colors, can be timeless, if done well. At the High Point Furniture Market color was everywhere—from what I recently covered with the combination of […]


Natural Inspiration: Wicker, Bamboo and Rattan

All good things come back around, right? That certainly holds true for wicker, bamboo and rattan furniture. You may have thought the design world bid farewell to the trend in the 1970s, but it’s come full circle, and some of the world’s top designers are again welcoming furnishings, accessories and even lighting made from these […]

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How To Plan The Perfect Room | Smart Homes For Spring #Hometalk Tuesday Google+ Hangout | Verizon Wireless

In case you missed our #Hometalk Tuesday Google+ Hangout with Verizon…here is a highlight. Just a little chat about some fantastic new products, I cannot design without! Looking forward to our next chat – subscribe and tune in

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Creator Corner: Thank you Demand Media! xo

June 5, 2014 Creator Corner We may be experts in the content world, but that only takes us so far in the creation process. To get us the rest of the way, we rely on our network of best-in-class experts for the writing and videos we put out into the world. This has given me […]


Summer’s Freshest Color Combo: Aqua and Coral

The High Point Furniture Market is basically a mecca for the design world, and I’m always on the lookout for really amazing and eye-catching trends when I visit. A trend making its presence known throughout this year’s Market was a vibrant color combination: aqua and coral. Aqua and coral call different sides of the color […]

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Bringing Indoor Luxury and Elegance Outside

Gone are the days when a few patio chairs and a plastic table would suffice for outdoor decorating. More homeowners are embracing the concept of high-end, elegant, and luxurious outdoor living spaces that really bring everything they love about the indoors to their outdoor spaces. Designing an amazing outdoor living area really does let you […]

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Popular on Pinterest Right Now!

Let’s face it, May is exciting. It’s really that time we really start to say goodbye to the dreary days of winter and the rainy days of spring, and usher in summer. If you’re anything like me, not only does summer mean weekend getaways and gatherings with friends, but it’s also all about coming out […]