Wow Walls!

 Before starting any room remodeling project, you have to address the bones of the room. These are the foundational aspects of the room, including the floor, walls and ceiling. As with an art project, you need to get the background down first before you can lay down each layer, and, like a choir, your walls can be the strong soprano soloist or they can be the gentle chorus keeping tone of a room’s decor!

Designer trick — ask yourself the questions a designer would ask you:

  1. Do I want traditional, contemporary or transitional decor?
  2. Do I have interesting, prominent or oddly placed walls?

Once you’ve answered those questions you can begin to create wow walls. The first question primarily addresses color choice. Generally speaking, most traditional or transitional looks stick to a neutral color palette: beige, brown or gray tones. Question two asks you to address the structural qualities of your walls. Instead of trying to hide odd walls, do what designers do — accentuate them!  Support posts, curved walls and high ceilings all create welcome challenges for a designer, and you can face these design problem, too.



Notice the transitional spaces above feature walls that are interesting and difficult to address. The curved stair wall is not only eye-catching, but it’s also tied into a large, hard-to-decorate-wall. How do you make this area visually appealing and interesting? Panel moulding is simple to install and creates smaller, useable spaces. It creates texture and interest on large and small walls alike. Moulding made of rubber makes wowing up rounded walls a cinch.  An entire wall of bronze ribbon glass tiles, brightens and deepens a kitchen wall.  Light reflects off the tile and creates a modern feel, yet the color brings it back to the traditional decor realm.

For a strong contemporary look, wall treatments have come a long way. Wall murals applied like wall paper have quickly become my favorite bang-for-your-buck solution. A statement wall in the middle of a high-rise condo becomes a fantastic theme feature in a living room. Tall ceilings are accentuated by a mural of vertical newspapers stacked wide on the headboard wall. No art necessary with these walls!

Don’t be afraid to create wow walls in your home. You can choose to make one wall a statement wall or go all out and decorate all of the walls in a room. The bold choices designers make are the one’s that “wow,” now it’s your turn!

Photo credits: Kelli Ellis


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